04 Juni, 2012


May our friendship last forever

May I sail upon your sea

May we go through life together

May there always be a "we."

May I be your endless sky

May you breathe my gentle air

May you never wonder why

Each time you look for me, I'm there

May we be for each a smile

Like the warm, life-giving sun

Yet when we're in pain awhile,

May our suffering be one

May we share our special days,

The happiness of one for two

And if we must go separate ways,

Let my love remain with our.

Review Agar Siapa Saja Mau Berdamai dengan Anda

Author                         : David J. Lieberman, Ph.D.
Translator                    : Rahmani Astuti
Publisher                     : PT Serambi Ilmu Semeta
In rising 1st print 1      : March 2008
ISBN     : 978-979-0240-22-3
number of pages          : 298 Pages

Synopsis :

Quarrels in the Office. Enmity for ten years. conflict with the child's, you don 't have to endure all that again.

If you,

Already bored felt a thorn in the stomach when the whole family get together
Want to express criticism without provoking
Want to end a clash of personalities in a matter of minutes
Want to be sorry for any mistakes (large and small)

Then make peace with anyone and hurry up end any conflict, hostility, or aloofness your relationship now.

“ A book very good ... [which] should be read every one. We all have a problem and differences that must be overcome. This book is amazing.” ABC RADIO NETWORK.

Make someone want to take advantage of you it is difficult, but lieberman shows how do this and melt a lot of other common conflicts ... in such situations as diverse as family feud, quarrels in the workplace and disputes in marriage ... also tips on ways to overcome the conflicts of the most intractable.”  PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

This is the first book show you how to overcome various conflicts with fast . Dr. David J. Lieberman gives you a path to lasting peace.

Review Journal Why do cutomers switch? The dynamics of satisfaction versus loyalty.

03 Juni, 2012

Theme / Topic : Customer Loyalty as long-term business profitability.
Title                 : Why do cutomers switch? The dynamics of satisfaction versus loyalty.
Author             : Banwari Mittal
Marketing Faculty Member, Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights, Kentucky, USA
Walfried M. Lassar
Assistant Professor of Marketing, University of New Hampshire, New Hampshire, USA
Year                 : 1998

Background and Problems      : In the literature, the company must know the marketing strategy that's right for his efforts so that customers can faithfully on goods/services produced. Although companies are realizing the value of keeping customers loyal, no one knows for sure how to do it. Companies measure customer satisfaction, and hope that if the satisfaction scores are good, the customers will stay with the firm. But even satisfied customers leave for the lure of a competitor’s offer. Service industries present a more difficult setting for understanding customer disloyalty as opposed to manufactured goods industries. This is because, for service firms, the basis of consumer choice and continued patronage are less obvious. Services are intangible, and they cannot be completely standardized. At the minimum, they vary according to the mood of the service provider and service customer at the moment of service delivery. Thus, in service businesses, what is given and received is relatively intangible. Consequently, customer evaluative criteria are less well articulated, and the appraisal of the value received is much more subjective Therefore, to understand customer disloyalty for service businesses.

The Story of Malin Kundang

01 Juni, 2012

Malin Kundang is folklore originating from the province of West Sumatera, Indonesia. The Legend of Malin Kundang a child that disobedience to his mother and cursed be a stone. A stone on the coast of sweet water, Pasture, purportedly the remains of ships Malin Kundang. 

Following this story. Once upon a time, on the north coast of Sumatra lived a poor woman and his son.

The story of sangkuriang

Sangkuriang is a legend of a famous among the people of Sunda, in West Java. This legend tells the struggle of a young man named Sangkurian to get the love of a beautiful woman, ho is her biological mother's own named Dayang Sambi. Finally , both have agreed to married . However, after learning that sangkuriang was her son alone, Dayang Sumbi trying attempt to frustrate their marriage with a variety of efforts. Here's the full story..


Author: Stephenie Meyer
Translator: Lily Devita Sari
Publisher: PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama
In rising 1st print 5: December 2008
ISBN-13: 978-979-22-3602-6
number of pages: 520 Pages

Synopsis: About three things i really sure : First, Edward a vampire. Second, there was partially himself — and I little know how dominant that partially himself thirst for my blood. And third, I love him. And my love for him is excruciatingly in unconditional. When Isabella Swan's move to Forks are grim, he met Edward Cullen, a mysterious guy who made her feelings very charming somersault. With porcelain skin, a pair of golden eyes, melodious and seductive, very interesting indeed Edward figure that makes Isabella was hooked. During this time Edward had managed to conceal his identity, but Bella was determined to menyikapkan secret palig kelamnya. It's just that Bella is not at all menyadai danger menantinnya, when her relationship with Edward is getting familiar. And sanggupkah Bella left Edward before things turned too late and there was no way back for him? This is the story of a forbidden love. And like other forbidden love, This love not know going back , besides being alive and also died at the same time .

The material of a cake of bananas brownies

The following are the ingredients needed to bake banana brownis
  • wheat flour proteins are 130 grams
  • eggs 5 grains
  • salt ½ teaspoon
  • coconut creamy instant 25 grams
  • ambon banana 100 grams
  • finely granulated sugar 125 grams
  • baking powder ½ teaspoon
  • emulsifier (sp/tbm) ½ tablespoon
  • chocolate paste 1 teaspoon
  • chocolate powder 20 grams
  • margarine 50 grams
  • chocolate cook condensed, cut pieces75 grams
Toping material
§  buttercream mocha 100 grams
§  the chocolate meises for topping 50 grams
How to make Banana Brownie Cake
  1.  Blend bananas and coconut creamy instant. Set Aside.
  2.  Whisk the eggs, granulated sugar, salt, and emulsifier until expands. Stir in flour, cocoa powder  and baking powder sifted and stirred with a median.
  3. Heat the margarine. Stir in chocolate cook condensed. Stir until dissolved. Add a mixture of ambon banana, condensed milk, coconut creamy instant and chocolate paste. Mix well
  4.  Pour little by little into the beaten egg while stir slowly.
  5.  Pour into muffin molds short width.
  6.  Steamed over medium heat for 12 minutes.
  7.  Spray buttercream mocha and sprinkle chocolate meises.
  8.  Cake brownis ready to be presented

broken heart no problem

31 Mei, 2012

broken heart?? don't be sad

In this life of a broken heart fall is common happened. If we hold lamenting grief of broken hearts it means we not believe that god has prepared better people from him to assist our. If you dare to fall in love, then you must have the courage to heartbreak. But if we a broken heart then we must dare to renascent. Here are 10 ways to heal a broken heart, let's go check it out .